What do you plan on cooking this Thanksgiving?


Unless you stick with the same menu every year, coming up with new ideas for your Thanksgiving menu can become redundant. We absolutely have our staples that have to be at the table no matter what since B loves macaroni and cheese and T loves dressing, we can’t say no. But swapping out greens for roasted brussels sprouts or the sweet potato pies for a banana pudding is always fair game. So, whether you’ve solidified your menu for the Thanksgiving holiday or not, here are a few more ideas that might inspire you to try something new or reinvented!



The point really is…being together with family, embracing and enjoying the ambiance, making memories, and of course eating great foods with the ones you love! So, whatever you choose to cook, take to the potluck or throw in the crockpot, just be sure to do it all with love, gratitude, and appreciation for knowing how to provide for your tribe. Enjoy the smiles and good times, full bellies, and mass naps, but maybe take walks and get outside for some fresh (chilly) air!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!