Meet B n T

B’s B and T’s for Tae 🙂


We’re a newly engaged couple who’ve been best friends for over 20 years, together for 15, and engaged for almost a year now! We were both raised and met in high school in Detroit, Michigan. That’s where we created a strong foundation for a long-lasting friendship and partnership. We now share a home in Arizona, with our furry best buddy, Bowser (an English bulldog), whom we also make treats for. Yes…we share those recipes too! We also both work remotely for amazing companies that allow us to live and enjoy our lives together.

B grew up with fancy pasta makers and knows how to make dough from scratch. That skill alone helps a ton with our more exclusive Italian dishes! He also attended a vocational-technical school, learned to cook for large groups of people, and acquired the basics and some advanced culinary skills. Today, he spends his time playing with the dog, doing automobile projects, traveling, and listening to music. He makes an outstanding breakfast/brunch! His immense knowledge helps tremendously with all aspects of baking and cooking.

Tae has a family history deeply rooted both in the South and Midwest, and was always in the kitchen, eating and learning! Self-taught and well-equipped with the family recipe Rolodex, she thrives on ‘cooking with extra Time, Love, and Care’. Everyone should be nourished and feel well-loved at the table and when they leave. She spends her spare time on the Yoga Mat, reading on her Kindle, traveling, and spending time with her extended family.

Together, we’ll keep sharing our homemade recipes with the world, infusing the ‘family eating-at-home idea’ again. Bring in the whole family, assign everyone a dish or a task for the dish, and enjoy a good ole home-cooked meal. It’s Time to Taste Your Food again!  You’ll all be glad it happened!

Stay tuned as we continue to share our recipe collection with you, and offer more features and services in the near future. Cooking at home inspires families to bring it back to the dinner table (or TV; however y’all do). Enjoy amazing meals with your loved ones and indulge in quality time, while doing so!


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Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!