Happy Mardi Gras!!!

What exactly is Mardi Gras though, you ask?

Well, ‘Mardi’ means ‘Tuesday’, and ‘gras’ stands for ‘Fat’; so ‘Fat Tuesday’ it is. This came to be in France, as it indicated that Lent was approaching, being the time in which many indulged in the more decadent and fatty foods, leading up to fasting. That being said, you’ll also hear ‘Happy Fat Tuesday’!

When most people think of Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, they think of New Orleans, Louisiana. They think of the day and night time parades, the good vendors all throughout the French Quarters, and of course, the food! King cake, beignets, and seafood boils are just a few of the reasons that people gather in some of the best restaurants or at their homes. But, did you know that Louisiana is really the ONLY state in which Mardi Gras is a legal holiday? That doesn’t stop everyone ALL around the world from celebrating though!

We grew up in Detroit and celebrated Fat Tuesday! The city of Detroit stuffs their faces with Paczkis; delectable powdery, pillowy fried doughnuts filled with jelly and loved by many. They’re a gift created by and shared within the Polish community in Detroit, known as Hamtramck. We definitely knew about Mardi Gras, and although T’s never been, B’s had the pleasure of going and fully experiencing it, as he has family there.

There are plenty of local events that celebrate Mardi Gras – here in Arizona – so you can always find something to do if that’s your thing. As we evolve, we’ve decided to opt out of these types of events. However, we’re still lucky enough to find paczkis locally. Although we’re older and wiser with our food choices, we still grab a small box of 4 and indulge.

No matter how you celebrate, or where, here are a few recipes that you can contribute to the party!

Steamed Crab Legs Bake

Fresh Baked Salmon Patties (Cakes)

Honey Cornbread

Cornbread Dressing

Crunchy Fried Catfish

Steamed Seafood Bake (For a Large Group)

Enjoy your holiday and stay blessed folks!
~ B n T