Spring is finally here and you’ve got yourself some asparagus, eh? Did you know you have to clean those before eating them? Although it’s a great springtime vegetable to celebrate, it is a plant and It does grow in the ground, so there will be dirt! That being said, you should know how to clean and cut asparagus; rinse, wash, or soak your asparagus before cooking. We don’t care which method you choose to go with, just be sure to do something to avoid a gritty dish. Talk about ruining your appetite. “Yum, dirt”…says no one ever!

Don’t be intimidated! Here, we show you how, as we’re prepping ours for the Turkey Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus that we love. Very easy to do, and if you choose this method, we suggest cleaning your sink afterward, as just like with chicken or any other food; there may be some bacteria lingering. You didn’t just spread the plague or anything, you’re being preventative in spreading any added and unwanted germs. Now, your sink is ready for washing your hands, another veggie, or the dishes!

Once you’ve washed and cut them, you can enjoy them in a myriad of ways including raw, blanched, roasted, grilled, or whatever you’re feeling. Ideally, they make a great side dish or appetizer, but you can enjoy them in a good stir fry or casserole, as well; they lend that crunch element. So, impress your family next time while making dinner and show them you know how to clean and cut asparagus. Okay, maybe it’s not that impressive, but at least you won’t be eating dirt. Always, make sure you wash your veggies before you dive into enjoying them!